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Monday, September 3, 2012

More Camping Fun

To the left is a picture of our campsite in Madison, WI from a few weeks ago.  We (Jasmine and I) went down for my son Dave's birthday and while we were there (as I said in an earlier post) we went to Burnie's Rock Shop.  I spent a lot of time playing with my new items.  Some of the end results are on this post and the one below.   The pictures of the jewelry were mainly taken on my current campout in Traverse City.  I swear I could live in my camper most of the year if it were possible!            Had lots of fun with a string of Red Creek Jasper I bought.  The suede choker the above is hanging on came from Burnie's too


I love this pendant.  I was trying to straighten out the wires and bent the one that is third from the bottom.  But it still looks nice.  It was actually easy to make.  I will show how to make a pendant like this in a new post.

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