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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camp Jewelry

I am camping out at the campground near my home, Interlochen State Park again.  Jasmine and I have another two week stay going on.  Two weeks ago we were in Madison WI again and picked up some fun things from Burnie's rock shop.  So ever since I have been "playing with my toys."  Above is a view of my campsite.  Duck Lake is in the background.  Jasmine and I love being near the lake.  We swim quite a bit, including midnight swims under the full ("blue") moon.

Here is a view of Jasmine doing what she does most while I am working.  She is a patient girl.  I make sure we go on lots of walks and bike rides as well as swims to make up for it.

 I bought the beautiful agate ring above at Burnie's.  I had kept looking at it not sure what to do until the other night.  I still am not sure if I like what I did!   I really want to bring out the beautiful yet subtle patterns in the stone

This is a horrible picture of a beautiful amethyst ring.  I think it looks like I took a purple Life Saver candy and decorated it.  Posting it for the humor--will get a better pic posted soon.

Have more pics to get online but wanted to make a start today!
Happy Labor Day everyone!

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