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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learn How to Wire Wrap a Bead Pendant

It is easy to make the pendant below.  I will show you how!

First you need the tools and supplies below.  Chain nosed pliers, about 22 gauge jewlry wire, round nosed pliers, wire cutters and a bead.

Start with any pretty bead.  I chose Jasper.
Then cut two wires, one about 7 inches and one about 16 inches for a bead that is 5/8 inches long.  Make a loop in the longer wire about 1/3 from one of the ends.  Wrap at least 8 times around the bottom of the loop 
 Then thread the bead onto the wire and make another loop above it.  Be sure to leave enough room under the loop so you can make another 8 or so loops below it.
   After you have made the new set of loops, wind the smaller wire around the top of the bead. Leave a small tail to hold onto. Curve the wire around the side of the bead. When you get to the bottom of the bead, wind the wire around the coil near the bead. You should now be able to trim the small "tail."  

Bring the wire up the other side and wind it around the top above the first wind, and continue on in the same manner until you reach the top of the coil.

 Cut and tuck in the wire and now you have a neat herringbone wrapped bead


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