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Saturday, November 19, 2011

November ABS

Here is my submission for the November Art Bead Scene Challenge.  Every month we are given a piece of art as inspiration to make jewelry including artistically made beads, called art beads.  Here is the link to this month's challenge:

And here is the picture of my submission for this month:

I used a toggle clasp by Heather Powers at Humblebeads.  All of the follage in the picture brought it to mind.  I have the clasp on the side to make sure it shows when worn.  I also used the green bead from Jennifer Jangles.  I was looking at the lady's green dress with the folds and felt this bead represented that. The pearls next to this bead represent her beautiful skin.  The pendant is an agate I picked up on a trip to Madison, WI to visit my son.  We spent hours at a rock shop drooling over the stones, beads and awesome jewelry there.  This was a polished stone from that shop that I wrapped.  See other posts on this blog on the shop and what I have been doing with the treasures I found there.  I also used unakite and jasper beads I bought at this store (Burnies Rock Shop). 

I used keishi pearls from Burnies to represent the flowers in the branch she is holding.  The Czech glass leaves were the perfect color and shape to represent more of the foliage in the picture.

Overall I had fun making this necklace.  Once again, making pieces for the challenges stretches me, but also gives me a chance to be purely creative. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the details of your creation, thoughts, and beads and materials with us! I think this can be one of the interesting parts of the challenge! I enjoyed your necklace and your story!