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Monday, November 7, 2011

Madison Visit--New favorite store!

Last weekend I visited my son Dave in Madison, WI.  We had an awesome time together.  Usually when I go there if he goes shopping with me he waits outside while I shop for clothes.  But this time we went looking for bead stores.  The one closest to him was closed-next time!  But we found Burnies Rock Shop on the internet and rode our bikes there.  I am in love!  Here is their website: They have tons of rocks to look at and high quality beads and findings.  They also have supreme jewelry on consignment there.  I took pictures because they had some uniquely wrapped pendants.  See examples in these pictures

I also picked up many stones, beads, keishi pearls, findings, square sterling wire, etc.  Dave enjoyed exploring the store too.  I already made three necklaces while at Daves with my loot.  But I did not have a chance to photograph them, so I will have to wait for the next post to reveal them. 

If you are ever in Madison or want to go to the website--Burnies has high quality product!

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