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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation Bead-A-Thon

This week I am on vacation and visiting Dave in Rhinelander, WI.  He is doing an internship here for five months at Wassau Paper Mill.  I have really enjoyed the time with Dave and the quiet time when he is at work or sleeping.  Last night I went on a marathon bead session.  I made the necklaces above (and earrings) except for the bottom tigers eye one.  On that one I changed the pendant to one that I made (last night) out of batik and tigers eye (and tiny glass) beads.  Eventually all will be selling on Etsy (see link to the right).  Can't believe I did so much!!  Loved it, though!


  1. love the green necklace especially with the fern background

  2. I like that one too. It's so fun seeing all of your necklace creations. You have so many ideas!

  3. I like the 1st & 2nd. I don't need jewelery, but may check out this Etsy. You are creative & having fun at the same time.