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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wild and Crazy Girls

We find ourselves being more fearless and stretching our horizons way further now than we did when we were younger.  Both Jeannette and I are over 50 and having lots of fun and doing things we never imagined doing.  Starting our own business, designing our own jewelry--no way would I have believed I would be in this place even ten years ago.  We have an awesome time in other ways too.  We had a sleepover tonight at my house.  We went for a midnight (yes the actual midnight with head and handlebar lights) mountain bike ride with my dog Jasmine, then came back here and ate frozen yogurt/fruit parfaits in our pj's while watching a recording of William and Catherine's recent wedding and looking at jewelry design magazines and chatting about new bold ideas for our jewelry and our shop.  Oh, and I was polishing a Petoskey Stone I picked up on a beach a few weeks ago when we were out biking with Jasmine.  (Someday soon you will see it as a pendant on one of our necklaces).  Pushing the limits we thought we had way beyond the dreams of our past.