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Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Art Bead Scene Challenge

This month the inspirational painting for the the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge has some of my favorite colors in it.  

The title of this work is "Tres Personages" (three people) by Rufino Tomayo 

The art beads (the circle beads and the round purple striped focal bead) were all made by Jenifer Heynen of Jangles.  They really seemed to go with the colors of the inspiration painting.  

I also used some dyed agates that went with the painting and also the art beads.  I strung all of them on strong red thread and used red glass seed beads as spacers,  I felt the large claw clasp would add weight to allow the bracelet to hang correctly.

The result is a fun and colorful bracelet.  Once again, this challenge helped me to use my imagination and step outside the box.


  1. I really like this bracelet. It is so fun and really reminds me of the painting.

  2. So pretty! Your beautiful bracelet was on the Art Bead Scene blog and when I got to looking closer, I realized that those were my beads. :) Thanks for including them in your designs.

  3. Thank you all--Jennifer your beads are awesome!

  4. Very pretty, a real eye catcher!