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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Back!

I have had several life issues of late, including a serious illness (aplastic anemia).  But I feel ready to start posting in my blog again.  I have been designing jewelry, including the so called "rat-tail" bracelets made of leather and beads that are so popular now.

I have also been working with a stone I love:  jasper

As well as Petoskey stones.  I have been doing a lot of polishing.  This one is paired with green moonstones:

This one I did not polish.  I found it downtown as a loose stone and wrapped it..   Love the markings on it

And a little bit of one of my other fav's: amethyst, my birthstone.  I paired this cool shell pendant I found with this amethyst necklace:

Currently I am in the hospital.  But I am hoping for an upswing not only in my health but my life!

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