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Saturday, August 20, 2011

So Much Happening!

I have been doing so much lately--have neglected my blog!  Today is a special day for me.  It is the 24th birthday of my only child, my son Dave.  He is living in another state right now, so we only connected on the phone--and facebook!   Here is a picture of us a few minutes after his birth:

Just got back from a campout with two great ladies, Lynn and Bobbie.  And a sweet dog named Pal.  Pal is a corgi, but he keeps up with my tall Jasmine.  They love each other, it is so fun to watch them play.  Jasmine has been a little depressed since we got home, grieving Pal.  I made a few pieces of jewelry at night after they went to sleep.  But my favorite times were just laying in my hammock doing nothing.  Most notably were the night I lay in it watching the moon rise over the trees at 1 am and listening to the night sounds.  Then just before we left I lay in it (the last thing to put away) and enjoyed the beautiful noontime summer day.  Those are memories to stay in my heart and sustain me during the long days of work. 

Behind the scenes I am so busy with pharmacist stuff, jewelry stuff and life.  But it is full and I am enjoying it!

I received my bead soup packet today!!  I love it!  WIll put a picture up--probably tomorrow! 

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